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whisper in the heart's pet memorial jewelry

    Pet Loss Grief Support

  • Whisper in the Heart, now on Facebook.
    I hope you will join me and other grieving bridgeparents, to talk about our beloved ^furangels^.

  • The iVillage's Pet Bereavement Message Board
    The loss of my beloved Whisper has led me down a new path. I now help out on the iVillage's Pet Bereavement Message Board and Chat. There, you will find loving and compassionate support (from people just like us) experiencing the devastating loss of a beloved furbaby. (Grief shared is grief diminished.) Please join us on the pet bereavement message board. You will know me by the name of cl-whispersmom. Once you have joined the iVillage (free), you will be able to visit some of the iVillage's resident angels patiently waiting at:
  • The Rainbow Bridge.
    The story of where our beloveds go, as they wait for the loving bridgeparents they had to temporarily leave behind.
  • My Greatest Loss Was Also My Greatest Gain
    An article I was asked to write, describing my journey toward healing.
  • The Rainbow Bridge Star
    So you will know where to look for your angel, in the nights sky.
  • The Dragonflies
    A little story which helps to explain just how close our angels are,
    and why we won't be seeing them .... for a little while.
  • The Little Ones
    This is a little story ^Whisper^ told me when a precious kitten earned her wings. He's trying to explain why the Little Ones are taken from us .... way too soon.
  • Whisper's 1st WingDay
    On my ^Whisper's^ 4th WingDay (the 4th anniversary of the day he earned his wings) he told me this story, making sure all bridgeparents know how special the 1st WingDay is .... for us, and our angels.
  • BridgeKiss 101
    Learn how our angels continue to send us their love, from the Rainbow Bridge.

Product of the Year
The Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine's Newsletter, Your Dog
selected Whisper in the Heart as it's Pet Memorial Product of the Year - 2004.
"Dog owners increasingly have many ways to honor beloved pets.
Contributor Phyllis DeGioia chose jewelry from Whisper in the Heart as the most meaningful."
Ms. DeGioia writes: "This stunning jewelry was my favorite memorial:
I burst into tears when I first held it in my hands."


D.B. wrote: I received my angel's gift today and I cannot express to you the immediate moment of peace that overcame me. It is beautiful and could not have exceeded my expectations more. I don't know how to begin to thank you for allowing me such a wonderful way to be close to my baby everyday. The moment I put it around my neck I felt such a feeling of him being so close to me which is one of the things I miss the most is holding him close to me. The work is incredible and his pix's are perfect. Thank you again so much for all of your work and the for rushing it all for me. You have been a great comfort to me during this awful time.

L.K. wrote: Hi Lin, Whisper's Wonderful Mom! Just a quick note to let you know I received my package. Everything is what I would describe as beyond perfect..if I had the words for such a thing! Each piece is wonderful. Appealing to the eye and the sound of two pieces together does sound like my sweet Kelsey's collar and tags. Thanks so much for all your help, advice, patience, and encouragement. Know that you have helped my heart. A long journey of healing ahead but you have given me a start.

R.M. wrote: Lin, first of all, I have to tell you that Molly's pendant is gorgeous! It looks even better in person than I could have imagined. It is so PERFECT for me... I love the pawprint on the heart, the tag, the way it jingles. The length allows the pendant to rest on my heart. I am so very pleased. To think that I just emailed you on Saturday and had my pendant arrive just three days later is amazing! My heartfelt thanks to you for taking such care and providing such excellent service. I hope you realize that it is a truly wonderful thing you do for all the pet lovers out there. Many, many thanks and warm wishes,

J.M. wrote: Hello Lin, I came home yesterday to find my package from you in the mail. I could barely wait to open it, and as I gently unfolded each layer to reveal my beautiful locket, engraved tag, chain and your compassionate note, I was truly touched. Everything is absolutely perfect! As I looked at Cheyenne's pictures and put the locket around my neck, it settled against my heart and I felt a small measure of peace. I am so thankful that I found you, Lin! Thank you for so beautifully and delicately spreading peace and sharing memories in the world, for holding so carefully and treating so respectfully that which we are grieving -- and remembering.

J.R. wrote: Oh Lin, Topaz's pendant is *beautiful*. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work and kind words. Your genuine care is reflected in your work. The card and lovely packaging were wonderful touches. My pendant arrived in the style that all of your work deserves.. being treated as a precious thing, not just another piece of jewelery. I can't tell you how much better I feel, having this small piece of my dearest friend close to my heart. "Thank You" can't even begin to describe my gratitude.

D.K. wrote: Hi Lin Whisper's Mom - I received the pendant today and I am so delighted! It is so beautiful! The comments from other customers prepared me somewhat but everything is gorgeous!! I cannot thank you enough and I do have a certain peace of mind that I have something to look forward to when my baby leaves me. That probably sounds strange but I will be able to keep her close to my heart (literally) right away! Please keep up the wonderful work. You are Whisper's Mom and, to me, an angel on earth!

J. wrote: Just a note to thank you for the beautiful pendants and the lovely correspondence. I am wearing the silver one now and it is so comforting. I must tell you how impressed I am with your business. It obviously is a labor of love for you, and you provide exceptional service. Thanks for everything.

P.D. wrote: The pendant that I keep some of Bellas fur and ashes in was a miracle for me. I will never be able to explain it Lin, but it is truly a healing force. My heartfelt thanks, appreciation and love.

D.C. wrote: I am going to print out your Home Page for Whisper in the Heart and hang it up at my vet's office, so that other folks will know about how to order the beautiful, memorial jewelry from your wonderful web site. I know that so many other humans would love to have a lasting, tangible memory of their fur angels forever with them, just like me. God bless you for your ability to provide people with these lovely memorials that honor our beloved pets!

P.R. wrote: Holly's pendant arrived today. It is so beautiful and perfect, just like she was. I have filled the little heart and am wearing it now. She will never be away from me again. Thank you so very much for the one bright spot in an otherwise dreary holiday season. PS--I just saw one that a friend ordered elsewhere for only $75.00 less. It was not nearly as nice, and the engraving was clearly inferior. Your pieces are clearly worth the extra cost.

S.K. wrote: Hi Lin, I am sitting at my computer today, trying to figure out the words to say. How do I express my gratitude to you? What a fine, not only person but a business person. To all who read this............. dealing with Lin has been the most fantastic experience one can have. To start, I received a pendant that was not quite perfect, the day I said goodbye to my Heidi. Not Lin's fault, just a little mistake. Not only did she correct the problem but sent me my corrected item along with such an extra beautiful gift that I received today, the same day Heidi's ashes came to me. How perfect this all worked out. All meant to be.... absolutely perfect. I don't ever write letters saying how I feel about companies, but to all of you who are in need in a situation of pet loss, as I was, please try Lin at Whisper in the Heart. I guarantee your satisfaction. If I am wrong I would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me at anytime, but guess what? I know I will never hear from anyone, that's how happy I am with Lin and her beautiful business in making people happy and content with their situations. Lin, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being such a caring person, so hard to find in this world. Don't ever change. God has sent you a gift, a loving heart. An most of all, Heidi thanks you for making her Mommy so happy.

D.& R. wrote: Lin, I want you to know that I received the urn pendants today! They are JUST BEAUTIFUL!! How beautifully wrapped in the heart tissue paper, and each pendant having its own satin heart pouch! You are sure making Whisper very proud! Your love for him shows in the way you cared to satisfy me, as your customer. From lovingly packaging each item, to showing your kindness and fellowship through your words of encouragement, by responding quickly to the numerous emails I sent you. But most of all, you KNEW how badly my heart was broken by the loss of my Jade-and you purposely took the time to get his pendants ready and shipped back to me. Your interest was in helping to some how soothe and begin to mend my aching heart-that is why you saw to it that my pendants came so quickly. WHAT A TRIBUTE TO WHISPER!!! I'll bet Whisper told Jade what his mommy did for his(Jade's) mommies. You took the time to write a personal note to us, and I must say I could feel your hugs and well-wishes across the hundreds of miles. Kindred spirits, you might say. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your ideas, kindness, gentleness, listening ear, attentiveness to my emails and questions, and how helpful you were in picking out the "right" pendant. You can be sure that I will share my wonderful experience with you, how BEAUTIFUL my pendants are, and how reliable and benevolent a person. All I can offer you is a great big THANKS and my prayers that God will bless you and yours, and that he will care for our loving fur children at the Bridge, until we arrive. I may never meet you personally on this earth, but I 'm sure Whisper and Jade will introduce us in God's wonderful Eternity. May God's face shine upon you, Jade's Moms

D.K. wrote: Are you an angel? The heart is stunning and her name is the perfect size. Just perfect and beautiful.

D.H. wrote: Dear Lin, you know me as Daddy's Girl. I am actually 31 years old. My father was a special man, as all girls probably think. He taught me things I will never forget. He passed suddenly. On Saturday he was helping me fix my car, on Sunday morning my brother and I found him in his bed. It was when I found your site that I began to feel less alone. Seeing how caring you were when it came to this kind of item brought a smile to my face. The other sites I looked at were cold and definitely interested in selling the items for money alone. When I made the purchase I felt it was definitely a personal experience not just a shopping trip online. Not only did you make it affordable and easy you made it memorable. Thanks to you and your work I will never be alone again. I know my father is always with me in spirit but now I have a part of him with me always. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. Not to mention the care you have taken in finding the right people to do the job. After seeing the inscription I had no doubts that doing it by hand was the best way to go. A cold machine wouldn't be able to put the emotion into it that it deserves. Thank you again.
~ P.S. Just so you know I know that this is very long for a "blurb" for your page but I wanted you to know exactly how much you and that heart have affected me. The heart is beautiful! The craftsmanship amazing. If any of your customers have questions about the type of service you provide or the quality you just send them to me! Again thank you, I will never have the words to express how wonderful my experience with you has been.

K.G. wrote: Lin, oh, I was so uplifted when I checked my mailbox Saturday! Thanksgiving was hard without "Chocolate" to share it with. Our lives have changed so much without our special needs sweetheart but I still feel the anxiety of worrying about her daily. I've been told that the bend in the road to smiles instead of tears will come eventually. Today, I have smiled at the beautiful hollow circle bottle urn holding her precious ashes, the tag with her sweet name, and the beautiful picture tag. Today, I've cried while holding onto them. Lin, I thank you so much for your patience and kindness. It was difficult to make a decision and your guidance helped me in making a wonderful selection. The card was so sweet and comforting and I will always be grateful to you. I feel so much calmer now that I can actually touch and hold onto her.

D.B. wrote: I just had to drop you a quick email and let you know that I received my 'package' today. They turned out beautiful!!! After a pretty rough night last night, these couldn't have come at a better time. Luckily my boyfriend was here last night and just held me and let me cry. He helped me put on the necklaces as well as get ^Cody's^ hair in the bottle before I put it on. I do feel a sense of closeness now to my furbaby and I can not thank you enough!! I will be adding some pics of my new treasures on my web page to show the world what beautiful work you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

E.S. wrote: I got my pendant yesterday. I was so impressed by the appearance and the quality! I immediately transferred some of Peg's cremains and put it on. I know that it may sound silly, but I felt a difference. I feel calmer and more serene than I have in months. It was almost a physical change. The weight of the pendant around my neck is a constant reminder that Peg is close. I can barely keep my eyes off it, I keep holding it and reading the beautifully engraved lines. I touch it constantly. Not even close to the joy of touching or holding my Peg, but reassuring in a way that I cannot explain. I cannot thank you enough for your time and your understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you and a million times thank you.

R. wrote: After spending a very cold Sat. out shopping, I found your package in the mail! I was so excited to open it. When I saw that your engraver had actually fit "My Little Missy" on the tag I can't tell you how happy it made me! Please thank your engraver for me, I appreciate the extra trouble he went to so my pendant could be just what I had hoped for. It is wonderful how you picked out such high quality, as well as beautiful, items to offer. I can't tell you what peace of mind having the pendant gives me and even my hard to impress husband thought it was beautiful. Take care and thanks for everything.

S.K. wrote: Dear Lin, I just wanted to thank-you for helping me through a very difficult time. I wear my beautiful heart locket with Stormys ashes and hair in it, all the time. Please remember how grateful I am that you were there for me, and I am sure many others, who are going through now, what you went through awhile ago with your beautiful and beloved Whisper.

A.M. wrote: Lin, I just had to tell you again how much I love my pendant. I find when I wake up I am clinging to it. I have a friend who lost her husband last May and she had him cremated, I told her about the wonderful pendants. She is over joyed that you are out there too. I am so thrilled to have my Lenny with me everywhere I go. You have been such a blessing to me.

C.M. wrote: Dear Lin - I received my locket and bottle and I am so pleased. It is beautiful! They are perfect. Even though Bandit will always be in my heart...now I can wear the only physical part of him I have left...a tiny bit of his fur. The photos are perfect in the locket. I am so pleased and happy with my purchase. Most importantly, thank you for your lovely note. Your words touched me so. Your kind thoughts have helped in my healing. Perhaps my Bandit is playing with Whisper now!

C.G. wrote: Lin, I just wanted to let you know that I received the pendants and I could not be more pleased. The quality is wonderful, and I can't say enough about the thoughtful presentation. What might have been a sorrowful package was, instead, a joy to receive. Now I can have a part of my beautiful Sophie with me always. Thank you again for your compassion, sympathy and kind thoughts. You are a blessing.

S.T. wrote: Shelby's pendants came yesterday. They are so beautiful. I placed some of his beautiful eyelashes and some of his ashes in the precious sterling silver tear drop bottle. What a comfort to be able to actually have him so close to my heart! Lin, how can I thank you enough for all you have done for me. I really have a comfort and peace now being able to have a physical part of Shelby with me all the time. The grief of missing him is still very much there, but I believe it has been eased in having the pendants to wear so close to my heart. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

JN writes: Oh, I got the necklace - Saturday - thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful - and I mean beautiful! My response was wow! Thank you so much for the card as well. Your kind words really meant alot to me!! They really spoke to my heart - Thank you again!

RM writes: Hello Lin, I received the locket yesterday. It is beautiful. I placed Chula's picture in it last night. It looks so nice. I have been showing it to everyone. I will wear it always. Thank you so much. ps. You're doing a wonderful thing.

COSR writes: We usually don't find websites striking enough to get our attention, but wow..... your website is probably the most soul-reaching, heart tugging place we have ever visited. And honestly.... It has to be the most beautiful, both in the look and the story within. As the parents of an 11-1/2 year old that has survived 2 strokes, we certainly can understand and appreciate what you have been through. We will hug him a little bit closer tonight, in memory of Whisper.

N writes: Thank You so much Lin. I can't believe how fast you got the pendant to me!! I got it today, on Valentine's Day!!! What a special surprise! Thank you also for the lovely card. Our pets touch our hearts in such special ways. I'm so happy that now I have something special to remind me of Boo-Boo. The pendent is beautiful. Thank you so much.

Debbie writes: Lin, Thank you for your response and support. People like you are the "angels" in life.

DW writes: Dear Lin, My pendant arrived today and I just started crying when I saw the care you took in packaging it. The tissue paper with the hearts on it, and the card!! You are so very, very thoughtful. I am very pleased with my pendant, and even more pleased with your extra thoughtful gestures.

N.A. wrote: Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful silver bottle. I took a quick peek at it, and was incredibly impressed. I then put it away somewhere safe for when Gypsy's time to cross the bridge comes. Once again, thank you for making such a wonderful little bottle.... I will cherish it forever.

S.S. wrote: Hi Lin. I just wanted you to know that I received the locket yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! I truly love it. Thank you so, so much. I still cannot get over how quickly you did it. And thank you for your kind words. They helped. Also, I appreciate you giving me some more pictures of the ones I gave you. That was so nice of you. I really appreciated that. I will wear this locket always. It's something I really needed. I treasure it.

S.S. wrote: I want to thank Whisper's Mom for the locket I ordered from her. That has helped me more than you know. Whenever I miss him I just touch my locket and somehow I feel a little bit better.

N.A. wrote: Thank you so much for providing the neat little products that you do, they make losing a pet easier. It is very nice to know that when her time finally does come, I will always be able to have a little bit of her with me physically, as well as always in my heart.

J.C. wrote: I don't know how to thank you enough. I am so grateful to have found you. I have been all over the boards and chat/support groups and read all the books, but, unfortunately, it is difficult for me to find comfort because all of the resources out there really don't apply to me and my baby girl -- the situation of her euthanasia was so very, very unique. What you have offered is truly the only thing from which I have been able to derive some sense of peace. The work and the jewelry are beautiful and I could not be happier with the pictures you selected. I also appreciated your note. Thank you again for helping to keep her close to me and alive in my heart.

    Recommended Pet Loss Web Sites

  • www.aplb.org
    -The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the tender subject of pet death.
  • www.In-Memory-Of-Pets.com
    -Permanent memorial and tribute site.
  • www.angelanimals.com
    -Spiritual messages from Furry, Fuzzy, Flowing and Flying Creatures.
  • www.griefhealing.com
    -A lovely, comprehensive site by Marty Tousley (author of "A Final Farewell")
  • www.angelbluemist.com
    -Terri Onorato is a fabulous poet. I know you will enjoy her site, "Portrait Of An Angel".
  • www.alln.org
    - The Animal Love and Loss Network is a wonderful site, with many valuable resources.
  • www.petloss.com
    -A wonderful, comprehensive site with many resources.
  • www.angel-hearts.org
    -A lovely site, with memorials and helpful information.
  • www.immortalpets.com
    -Create a beautiful pet memorial with pictures, music, candles and tributes to honor the memory of your pet.
  • www.critters.com
    -A lovely site, where you can create a beautiful memorial for your beloved pet.
  • www.selfhealingexpressions.com
    - Healing Courses
  • Forever Pet's Funeral Home
    - Lovely services for your furangel. Located in the Chicago area.

    Recommended Pet Diabetes Web Sites

  • www.caninediabetes.org
    -Information on Canine Diabetes Mellitus.

    Recommended Samoyed Web Sites

  • www.samoyed.org
  • www.samoyed.ca

    Recommended Reading

  • "My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal"
    by Enid Traisman, M.S.W.
    A very special book for those owners whose pets have recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
    Ordering Information: call 1-800-776-2665

  • "The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood"
    by Nadine M. Rosin
    An engaging, true story about the human-animal bond, healing canine cancer using only natural methods and holistic remedies,
    and a new take on the grieving process when a beloved animal dies.

  • "Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates"
    by Gary Kurz
    You will end with a newfound hope and a lot of important things to think about.

  • "The Loss of a Pet"
    by Wallace Sife, Ph.D. Founder of The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.
    A wonderful guide for coping with, and understanding the grieving process.

    Recommended Websites

  • Grateful Dog Design
    - Beautiful custom items for your loved ones.
  • I Loved My Pet
    - Online memorials & more.
  • Puppy Sites
    - The Dog Lovers OnLine Directory.
  • Pet Portraits by Jack Lindsey
    - From personal experience, Stu creates beautiful portraits of your angel. (I've purchased two)
  • A Place In My Heart Photos
    - Unique pet memorial portrait created from ordinary photograph.
  • Pet portrait and pet memorial art by Eric Stewart
    - Lovely artwork to memorialize your angel.
  • HandicappedPets.com
    - For the caretakers of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets.
  • Caskets Direct
    - Lovely funeral products for Whisper's friends in Australia.

Please feel free to e-mail me any time. I would like to know if the pendants have helped you, as they have helped me. I honestly can't explain why or how the pendants help. Perhaps it give our angels something to focus on, or they act as a conduit to the other side.. All I know is that my pendant helps me feel closer to my angel. May peace be with you, for love already is.

My email address is: Lin, Whisper's Mom - WhispersMom@earthlink.net

answering email

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