Chapter 2: The Good Life

  on the floor

Whisper was the sweetest dog, always having a smile on his face. He used to love to sing with me when I’d play the guitar, but he really didn’t like it very much when I took accordion lessons. (I think it hurt his ears.) So, we gave up the accordion and went back to guitar duets! His gentle nature and calm disposition were just a few of the things that made him so special. Without any training, he became an unofficial therapy dog. (Before there was such a thing around here.) I would bring him with me to visit my 90 year old Grandmother in the nursing home. He would prance around visiting each of the residents, bringing such joy. Whisper just seemed to know instinctively that these people were frail and needed love. He would gently approach, laying his big fuzzy head on their lap, letting them love and pet him.

with glasses He didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. One time we were taking a walk when a cat came up to him. Whisper went over to say hello, and this darn cat jumped up on his head and wouldn’t get off! I wish I had my camera then, because he let that blasted cat ride around on his head like a fur hat! Then there was the awful time when a huge Boxer came out of nowhere, and attacked him. I panicked, jumping in-between them. (Not too bright) I got the boxer off Whisp, (at the expense of my arm) and yelled for him to run home - but he wouldn’t leave my side. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to fight, but he stayed with me until he knew I was OK. Luckily, one good kick where it counts with my hiking boot, sent that dog running. Whisper was my hero!

Yes, by now you can probably tell I was rather obsessed with my dog. I was everything for him, and he was everything for me. Whisper was, and will always be my pride and joy.

bunny boy with flags

That pup would let me do anything to him. He loved getting his picture taken, (as you can probably tell!) so he had hats for all occasions. New Years, St. Patricks Day, Valentines Day, Birthdays, 4th of July, Graduations, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. (He’s still my best present!) From the day I brought him home in 1984, he was the center of my life. Everything I did was for, and with Whisper. I turned down job opportunities because they would take me away from him too long. I dumped boyfriends because Whisper didn’t approve. (He always was a better judge of character than I) And I even ended up marrying the man that Whisper chose for me! (He and Whisper have the same birthday!)


My husband, Glenn always kidded me that we should go on a TV talk show, claiming that I loved my dog more than him! (Well, Whisp was a better kisser - just kidding Hubby!) Although Glenn did get jealous occasionally, the two of them got along famously. He even gave Whisper the nickname “The Warden”, since he was always guarding me, putting his big fuzzy head in-between us!

Yes, I admit it, Whisper was the center of our home. Since I was unable to have (two-legged) children of my own, Whisper truly was my son. Life was good. We were a happy family.

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