Whisper in the heart's pet memorial jewelry and cremation urn pendant keepsakes

Pet Memorial Cremation Jewelry and Urn Pendant Keepsakes

Welcome. If you have found my website, you must be trying to cope with the heartbreaking loss someone you deeply love. It is the most painful thing those of us left behind on earth must endure. I honestly thought I would die from my broken heart. I suppose it's painfully true.... if we love with all our heart, we must grieve with all our heart. I sincerely hope my Whisper's collection of pet memorial cremation jewelry and urn pendant keepsakes will help you feel a stronger connection to your beloved angel, while on your journey towards healing.

Because I was having such a difficult time dealing with the loss of my beloved Whisper, I tried to find something, anything to help me. I wasn't quite sure what I needed, all I knew was that I needed to have him with me.

And so became "Whisper in the Heart", or what I lovingly call, "W.I.T.H." pendants:

pet memorial jewelry and cremation urn pendant keepsakes

The W.I.T.H. Collection

The Whisper in the Heart Collection is a type of urn pendant memorial jewelry, (tiny cremation containers, or cremulets, for holding ashes or fur) lockets and keepsakes that gave me something tangible of Whisper to hold on to and cherish. To be completely honest, I can't logically explain why the memorial cremation pendants help. All I know is that my angel's memorial jewelry helps me feel a stronger connection to him on the Other Side. I chose to fill my W.I.T.H. Pendant with Whisper's beautiful white fluff. But, of course, they are also suitable for cremated remains, (ashes) hair, feathers, or fur. (What ever helps you feel closer to your pet.)

Please take a moment to browse through my Whisper's pet memorial cremation jewelry collection to see if anything touches your heart. (that will be your beloved speaking to you) There is a variety of Sterling Silver, Vermeil, and 14K Gold cremation jewelry keepsakes in his pet loss urn pendant collection. I would be honored to help you select and personalize your beloved pet's pendant for a special way to keep your angel close to your heart....

Even if it's only symbolic, a little piece of Whisper is always with me...... forever.......

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My beloved Whisper was the most important soul in my life for over 14 years. When I "lost" him, I was devastated. (there's an understatement if I ever heard one) Life, as I knew it, had ended. Part of me, the best part, was missing. (It's just so sad that once his pain ended, mine began.) I've come to believe that the pain is so intense, because when our beloved pets die, they borrow a little piece of our hearts to keep them company on the Other Side, until we are reunited again for all eternity.

My hope is that you will find some comfort in reading Whisper's Story / Photo Album. Looking back over the years, I now realize that Whisper and I shared a wonderful life. Together, we made a lot of cherished memories, which are forever in my heart.

How Whisper's Pet Memorial Cremation Jewelry began

Whisper's Story

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Whisper was, and will always be, my heart, soul, and inspiration. Shortly after he earned his wings, (6/12/98 - a day forever etched in my heart) I began this website in honor of our beloved pets. But now I believe Whisper would be honored that we help the families of all types of angels. So please know that the memorial pendants are designed for any type of angel. If you think this is something that may help, I would be honored to personalize the cremation jewelry pendants for you, and your beloved.

I sincerely hope that my Whisper's pet memorial cremation jewelry will help you feel closer to your precious angel, and bring you a smidgen of peace.

With my heart,
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